Single Click Easy Shop has created an easy means to source, locate and purchase African products; African producers and sellers are all in a database for the first time ever. Within Africa, sellers and buyers can now communicate with the help of a mobile phone and internet whenever they have needs for transactions and intra-African Trade, while international sourcing will now be as easy as a click to check your desired products, then picking up your phone to contact the seller.

A lot of products are available in the African continent that are not listed in the traditional Super-Market Shops or Malls, but with Obamarkets, both traditional African products and those listed for sales can be easily accessed by checking out our site and calling the seller of the African product you desire to arrange a meet.

24-Hours Active Support

We at have a unique way to allow a free flow of communication between sellers, buyers and those that source of African products.

You can send emails to any of these addresses

Hight Quality Items prides itself in having the database with high quality African items you will find nowhere else. African products are unadulterated, natural and green, the world wants to gravitate towards organic products once again but as it stands, only the rich can afford organic products. This should not be the case if only accessibility to African products was better enabled.

Good news as Obamarkets brings to every home and City access to producers and manufacturers of high quality African Products directly.

African products are still regarded as the most natural products on earth because Africa still very much engages in extraction of raw quality local materials which are processed all over the world. This leverage of extraction is what Obamarkets is tapping into in bringing all sellers and buyers together nomatter how far away in the hinterland you may be, if you have a phone and internet then, you can purchase any African product from any African producer or manufacturer.